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Arquebio is a biotechnological company focused in the design and development of processes based on biocatalysis, from laboratory to industrial scale, for the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), Nutraceuticals and other high value molecules, with a clear focus towards Green chemistry and Sustainable Development.

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Our technological platform consists in the use of enzymes or microorganisms (Wild or genetically modified or engineered) to perform chemical reactions that can substitute manufacturing processes based on classical organic chemistry.


The managing board of Arquebio S.L. is composed of 3 members.


The current Arquebio laboratory staff consists of 10 professionals from different fields such as biotechnology, chemistry or biochemistry.


Arquebio is constituting a Scientific Advisory Committee, composed of excellent experts in the field.


Dec 2011
Start of Arquebio activity
Feb 2012
First state project
Apr 2012
First european project
Dec 2012
First client’s Project finished
Dec 2013
Expression of the first Arquebio’s recombinant enzyme
May 2016
Purchase of an small company devoted to chemical and microbiologi cal analysis services
Mar 2017
First international client (followed by clients from Israel, India, Italy, France and UK)
Feb 2018
Obtention of the first Arquebio’s enzyme by computational calculation
May 2022
Inauguration of new laboratories.
Dec 2022
Innovative SME and ISO 9001 certifications

Products and

Arquebio SL offers the following contract research services to customers:
Technical Assessments and Consulting
Development of biotechnology processes.

Obtaining building blocks

Support in discovery of new chemical entities

Products and services

Our Technology

Arquebio SL develops bioprocesses using biocatalysts (enzymes or microorganisms) in single or multiple transformation steps.

Our technological platform P2B (Platform to Bio) is a useful tool to perform high throughput screening of biocatalysts, reaction conditions, suitable substrates and products obtained.

The screening can be done in a short
period of time and renders information
about different possible bioprocesses
and conditions that could be further
developed at a larger scale.

The information obtained from P2B
allows estimations of productivity, costs
and risks needed to confirm whether the
process is feasible at industrial scale

Products and services

Process development


Substitution of processes based on synthetic organic chemistry by biotechnology.

The development ranges from theoretical design to industrial scale-up and implementation. This latter phase is carried out by the customer under the support and supervision of Arquebio S.L.

Products and services

Research activity

Arquebio SL own research: focused on 3 different lines.
Development of research projects for clients: more than 40 different projects.
IP & Patents: Arquebio has 4 patents under study process.
Public financed research:

Products and services


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Arquebio S.L. offers the most outstanding and up to date technology options, while maintaining an industrial scope.
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If necessary, certain operations can be outsourced to other companies and research centres, under our direction and supervision.
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We have a powerful network of contacts in biocatalysis and bioprocessing. Several partnership agreements have been established
  • Advisors
  • Analytical Services
  • Biocatalyst Suppliers
  • Bioprocessing Services
  • Enzyme Screening
  • Biotransformation Experts
  • Enzyme Immobilization
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Manufacturers
  • Research & DevelopmentScaling-Up Services


India Italy
Spain United
United States


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We are based in Barcelona (Spain).
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Our R&D activities take place mainly in our own facilities, located in a 220 sq m. Lab in a traditional industrial area of Barcelona (Poble Nou).
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We can perform almost all kind of chemical and biological analytical tasks using our own instruments (HPLC, GC, AA, UV-FTIR, microscopy, automated titration, etc.).
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In addition to our internal activities, we can also perform analytical services for our customers.

Strategic Partners

We have also several strategic partners, that help us to develop and commercialize our technological platform and projects.
It is an extensive network of excellent specialists and professionals, companies and institutions that collaborate with Arquebio.
We can perform almost all kind of chemical and biological analytical tasks using our own instruments (HPLC, GC, AA, UV-FTIR, microscopy, automated titration, etc.).
In addition to our internal activities, we can also perform analytical services for our customers.


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Jaume Mir

CEO and Business Development
+34 693 723 923
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c/ Àlaba 51, 3r 7ª
08005 Barcelona, Spain
+34 93 486 02 65